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Industrial UV Water Treatment

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UV Technology is the Future

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UV Water Systems

Efficient UV water purification solutions, South Africa

Winelands UV Technology is based in Stellenbosch and is dedicated to bring the latest UV technology to South Africa. The UV market has been growing considerably over the last few decades because of the development of efficient UV systems suitable for high flowrates and water with a low UV transmission.

This has caused UV to become the first choice for disinfection for drinking and waste water in Europe and the USA.
The South African market is fast realising the value of UV treatment as an affective, environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to Chlorination and the use of other Chemicals.
In some situations UV is used in conjunction with low dose Chlorination to sterilize the water for Cryptosporidium and Giardia, which are not effected by Chlorine.

Leaders in UV Technology – Hanovia & Berson UV Techniek

We are proud to represent Berson UV Techniek from the Netherlands and Hanovia from the UK in South Africa and the rest of Africa. Berson UV and Hanovia UV are market leaders and both companies are part of the Halma group. Together we can offer UV systems for any application.

Winelands UV Technology also offers a full range of domestic UV systems for the lower flow rates and lower budgets. Winelands UV Technology has developed a UV system for the sterilisation of Grape Juice and Wine which is currently being validated.

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